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    Position:Products > Health Products
  • ‘ShuNing’ Tablet
    ‘ShuNing’ Tablet was invented and developed according to the traditional Chinese medicine theory “Strengthening Kidney and bone therapy”. It is a complex preparation of traditional Chinese medicine, which is made of Epimedium, soybean, Astragalus, Angelica, and mulberry. Through the serials of pharmacological studies, efficacy and clinical practices, it has been proven to have a significant effect in improving kidney function, nourishing blood, increasing osteoblast count, decreasing osteoclast count, increasing bone density, and delaying senility. It also has a significant effect against bone pain, cramps, fracture healing, arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, avascular necrosis of the femoral head, bone hyperplasia, osteoporosis and other bone diseases. ShuNing Tablet is a safe and effective medicine; no side effects were found.

    ◆ Increasing bone density(Improving the balance of bone cell metabolism)
    ◆ Preventing aging(Improving the balance of human body)
    Improve bone function
    1. Promote trabecular bone maturation, increase osteoblasts and marrow cells, promote chondrocyte maturation, accelerate the metabolic activity of callus tissues, and accelerate the speed of bone creation.
    2. Inhibit osteoclast re-absorption activity, accelerate bone remodeling activity, and recover the overall bone mass and bone quality.
    3. Inhibit cartilage mineralization rate, and maintain bone and joint flexibility.
    4. Reduce calcium activity, increase osteoblast, enhance the secretion of osteo calcium, resolve the symptoms of osteoporosis and bone hyperplasia.

    Improve Kidney function
    1. Strengthen Kidney function directly, and indirectly improve the functions of the reproductive system, the endocrine system and nervous system.
    2. Protect gonad, improve the level of sex hormone, and recover the loss of bone mass due to reducing in sex hormone levels.
    3. Improve the functions of Liver and Kidney and the bone health, prevent from bone diseases.