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    Position:Products > Medicine
  • Fuzheng Huayu Capsule
    Fuzheng Huayu Capsule, one of Shanghai’s high-tech transformational project, enjoys as many as 18 preferential policies of Shanghai government. It is a project listed in the national eighth five-year-plan and supported by the National Natural Science Fund and National New Medicine Fund. From 1994 to1998, it has won many Shanghai and national awards..

    On the basis of recent clinical treatment using traditional Chinese medicine, Fuzheng Huayu Capsule is an innovative botanical drug with multiple ingredients that incorporates traditional Chinese medical theories with biochemistry, immunohistochemistry and genomic expression  technologies. It is mainly used to treat fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver. Used as a hospital compounding drug preparation for many years, it has achieved great success in the treatment of liver fibrosis and reversed liver fibrosis at Longhua Hospital, the affiliated hospital of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    Liver fibrosis is a process where chronic hepatitis developed into cirrhosis. It is a common obstacle to the treatment of hepatitis around the world. Prof. Hans Popper, an authority in the research of liver disease, says, "To prevent the fibrosis of the liver means the cure of most liver diseases."
    Of the 300 million hepatitis-virus carriers in the world, one half are living in China. Of the 15 million cases of hepatitis, 3 million deteriorate into cirrhosis. In addition to the rise of alcoholic liver and fatty liver, we see the great need of anti-fibrosis medicine. Our company aims to grow and make a broad contribution to the cause of human health. Our product holds significant market prospects.

    > Gan Le Table

    Used to protect liver (especially for fatty liver and alcoholic liver), also to adjust bloodlipid.

    > Diabetics-related new medicine

    > New medicine for relieving climacteric symptoms of menopausal disorders

    > the product line of Huanghai pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

    Huanghai pharmaceuticals Co,.Ltd. holds nearly 80 certified medicine production approval by Shanghai Public Health Bureau, such as Tanshinone, Salviae Miltiorrhizae tablet, KCl tablet, etc.